Portrait 365 : 72, 73, 74, 75

16 Mar



‘The first two years of our marriage we lived in different countries. I think children make the family but for now we are both gaining knowledge so we are set up for our futures’.
Alka-Shah is from Nepal, but she studied in Thailand, before moving to Australia. Quite the nomad, but she’s here to stay.



Bones didn’t have much to say for himself. To be honest, I think he was hungry.



‘See birds? See feather?’
Not sure what the fascination was but she was hell bent on sticking the cockatoo feather into her ear. Like, right in. Sometimes you need to let them work out how far is too far, but I thought this day was not a good day for that.



‘I am from Jamaica and I like to bring my music to the people. Jamaica is a good place because everyone is welcome. Different to here.’
Jah-Bya rocks out Radio Skid Row for all who dig a little smooth reggae action. I’m a fan personally. Reminds me of my crazy time in the Caribbean.

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