Portrait 365 : 208 – 214

31 Jul

Portrait 365 : 208 JoJo


“I overcame my fear of singing in front of people. People say the more people there are the easier it is, but it’s not true. If you can only see the front row, or if you can see everyone, it’s hard for me. I just walk out and pretend I’m just talking to myself.”



“I’m just proud to be going to yoga this morning. It’s a miserable day outside and it’s would be easy to stay home. It’s good to get out and about.”




“I created the first internationally new played sport in the 21st century – Segway Polo. I was the captain of the New Zealand team. I found out that Steve Wozniak, Victor Miller and Ang Lee would get together and play it casually in LA, but as the sole distributor for Segway in New Zealand we sent an audacious challenge to those guys for the world’s first Segway match. We had not even played yet, but they came, and we drew. Now it’s an international sport.”

This was one of those stories that just kept getting better!



“I’m proud that I sailed around the world, it was a hell of an adventure.”



“I’m proud of my two kids. They’re 3 years old and 10 months old.”

“Wow, I’m proud you got to work on time.”

“I’m not. I’m late!”



“I’m about to head off on a 6 week European trip by myself. I’m 35 years old and I’ve never been to Europe. In fact, I had never been overseas at all until I went to Thailand for my 35th birthday.”



“My first UltraMarathon was a really big deal. 60 hard kilometres and I ran my best run ever. Kokoda was also challenging; it was raw, and it oozed history. It was cold, and it was muddy but it was so rewarding.”

Obviously, Di is insane.




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