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Gone Fishing

24 Sep

holsbys gone fishingI don’t know why I’ve posted a picture of the ocean, in fact, I’m about to head on a vacay in the the opposite direction.

Remember how I was umming and ahhing about sucking off into the funset for a little jaunt with Grandpapa and his Winnebago?

Well, by midday today the babes and I will have touched down in sunny Alice Springs where we’ll meet our main man, Grandpapa, and Windbag the beloved bus and head off into the desert for 10 days of big open skies, red dirt and adventure.

I cannot tell you how much we’re looking forward to it. The children are pumped for emu and camel spotting, and I’m pumped for some down time and wide open spaces.

It’s been a crazy 6 months full of change, fear and excitement, tears and laughter, so I reckon 10 days of sweet F.A. will do me the world of good.

There’s something about big open skies and road trips that lend for the right kind of soul searching so I’m going to disconnect from the cyber stuff and simply be present in the real world for a bit.

I’ve scheduled some Holsby gold from the archives to happen on the Facebook page so you don’t forget me while I’m gone, but I’ll mostly be out of 3G range so I can’t keep you updated even if I want to for at least a week… God knows, I’ll still be the desperado standing atop Ayers Rock waving my phone above my head trying to get reception so I can share it with you.

But that’s not all, folks, I have some more news too… while I’m away the blog is getting a little nip here and tuck there so by the time I return my trusty steed will have had a proper facelift.

It’s exciting times for my wee blog.

We’re growing up, taking the leap onto the next level and I’m taking you guys with me. You game?

Thing is, you’ll probably see the new look before me. In fact, I won’t be able to do any of the little tweaks and love taps I’ll give it when I get the chance so you’ll probably see a few changes over the coming weeks.

If, by chance, something goes awry and you have any issue connecting with me, just stand by and know I’ll be home on the 4th October and all will be sorted asap.

Otherwise, hang tight, m’lovers.

I’ll post to Instagram and Facebook when I can, and I can’t wait to show you my portraits from the middle of Australia.

Catch you on the flip.

Love and light,




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